Co-working Space or Home Internet

Available For...
Full TimePart Time

We will pay for a Co-working space near you, subject to our approval/discretion. We will pay for time to cover at least the hours you do work for us (but not necessarily more). If you want to work at home instead, we will give you a stipend for Home internet, scaled to your hourly involvement. The stipend will be based on average internet costs in your area. If you want to work at a Co-working space sometimes and at home at other times, we are happy to pro-rate each benefit and combine them.

If you live in an area with WeWork, our general preference is to get you a WeWork Al Access membership or dedicated desk. We can add you easily through our WeWork account (Ty is the admin)

We will allow team members to work from coffee shops if they do not want to get a full co-working space for the month. We would expect that when a team member works from a coffee shop they purchase something so they are not taking advantage of the business. We do limit the total monthly amount you may spend at the coffee shop to $120 before needing permission for any more funds. This allows Cantilever to give you the opportunity to work outside the home with still being cheaper than a co-working space. This also applies while you are traveling as well.

For these costs, please please request addition to the “Co-Working Space or Home Internet” Spend Program in Ramp!