Paid Time Off/Sick Leave

We offer paid 176 hours of paid leave per year for both full-time contractors outside of the US and Denmark, along with up to 48 hours a year of sick leave.

In the service contract with the contractor, the terms of the paid leave should be specified in a format similar to this:

Consultant shall provide at least 35 hours per week of work to Client. However, throughout the course of a single calendar year, Consultant may take up to 176 hours of time off and apply that time to the 35 hour minimum limit. This time off shall be considered worked time under this agreement. Consultant shall bear the burden of tracking and reporting on any such time off. At Client’s request Consultant shall provide a comprehensive report of all time off hours taken during the course of a year in order to confirm that the 35 hour minimum has been reached. This time shall be limited to 70 hours of time off taken in the first half (January through June) of each calendar year. Additionally, Consultant may take up to 48 hours of time off specifically to cover illnesses, and apply that time to the 35 hour minimum limit. This time off shall also be considered "worked" under this agreement and shall be paid within Consultant‘s semi-monthly rate. In order to take such time off, Consultant must provide Client with a report of the reason for the time off, which must apply to the categories below:
  • For any medically related appointments, treatments, preventative care for yourself or a family member.
  • If you are a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking and are receiving any form of relief such as counseling, crisis center help, court time, etc.
  • For mental health treatment

As an international company we are never automatically “off” on any given holiday. You must take your own federal holidays and vacation time within your 176 hours. Paid leave can be used at the sole discretion of the consultant with no necessary reason.

Paid leave does not accrue and roll over between years.