Expense Reporting

Ty Fujimura

Cantilever team members are eligible for substantial expense reimbursements that can really add up! Think about all those great training courses you just purchased on your personal credit card… That coffee meeting you had… Well, get ready for some cash to flow your way.

Project Expenses

All project-related expenses are the responsibility of the client. During client onboarding, if we anticipate expenses may arise, we should get a card on file from the client to use for these expenses.

Examples of Project Expenses

  • Font or Image licensing costs for fonts or images used on the project.
  • Plugin Licensing costs for use on a project for use on a project, such as Craft CMS Licensing or Wordpress plugin Licensing fees.
  • Travel-related expenses for client-mandated out-of-town meetings.
Project expenses typically should not include hosting costs (like Digital Ocean), as we ask clients to set up payment for those using their own payment methods.

General Expenses

For anything not directly project-related, please purchase it yourself and submit for reimbursement via Gusto.

Here are some examples:

  • Software costs that are used across all projects, such as Adobe Photoshop
  • Costs for team member benefits like training (video editing class, conference costs)
  • Meals/Coffee if you work from a coffee shop

We recommend that you get approval from your manager prior to making the purchase. If you make the purchase first and then request approval/reimbursement, please accept that we may disagree with the wisdom of the purchase and deny reimbursement. It is most likely that for anything under $100, it won’t be a problem.

We understand that occasionally there are some expenses that come up that may need to be purchased before getting manager approval, especially when traveling. For any recurring expenses that happen repeatedly, getting approval just once is perfectly acceptable.

If you need a physical item worth more than $100, please get written approval from your manager and fill out an “Equipment Use Agreement” prior to purchase.

Once you have made the purchase, and you are an in-house employee, please submit for reimbursement in Gusto (https://app.gusto.com/expenses). Please include some kind of screenshot, and put the expense into the category that makes the most sense to you.

If you are an external contractor, you won’t have access to Gusto’s expense system. You can send the documentation (receipt or screenshot) via email directly to finance@cantilever.co and to Ty (ty@cantilever.co).

If you are uncomfortable or unable to make the purchase yourself and wait for reimbursement, you are welcome to request that your manager make the purchase on your behalf using the company credit card. Keep in mind that this will likely take longer, so please allow more time for processing.

For additional clarification on what kinds of expenses are covered for team members and consultants please refer to the Handbook entry


Internal Costs

Some staff may be asked to handle projects which involve costs. For example, purchasing snacks, or booking travel for team members. For such internal costs, use the company credit card. If you don’t have access, speak to your manager. For any such cost incurred, please forward the receipt to finance@cantilever.co so our bookkeeper can accurately log the expense.