Paid Sick Leave

Full TimePart Time

For the first 30 sick days, Cantilever covers all expenses for sickness benefits / salary with the only condition that the employee: has been employed continuously for the last 8 weeks before the absence, and during this period have been employed for at least 74 hours. The right to sickness benefit is also conditional on the employee being employed on the day on which the illness occurs, or on the last working day before the first day of absence and should have been at work on the day on which the absence begins. The reimbursement corresponds to the sickness benefit to which the employee would have been entitled from the municipality.

Hourly employees are not entitled to sick pay, but we feel that it is only appropriate to give the same as our US employees. Hourly employees will earn 1 hour for each 30 hours worked for a maximum amount of 48 hours.