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For Cantilever Europe employees our Holiday pay will look a little different based on the laws in their respective country. In Denmark, the following terms apply:

In 2020, Denmark has introduced the concept of concurrent holidays. This concept allows employees to earn 2.08 holiday days each month, which they have access to use immediately, as opposed to the old scheme where workers earned holiday days for the following year.

Under the new Holiday Act, which entered into force on 1 September 2020, employees can accrue and take holiday at the same time. Holiday accrued in the holiday year, which runs from 1 September to 31 August (12 months), can be taken from 1 September the same year to 31 December the next year (16 months). All employees are entitled to five weeks of statutory holiday per year, corresponding to 25 working days. Employees accrue the right to 2.08 days' paid holiday for each month of employment in the holiday year. Employees who are not entitled to paid holiday instead receive a holiday allowance equal to 12.5% of the eligible pay.

Public Holidays. In addition to the statutory holiday entitlement, there are 11 public holidays in Denmark. Some CBAs may also include additional days off (for example, Labour Day on 1 May and/or Constitution Day on 5 June), although these are not official public holidays. Salaried employees are entitled to paid public holidays. Whether non-salaried employees are entitled to paid public holidays varies depending on the individual agreement or applicable CBA, if any.

  • Salaried: Employees who are employed on a monthly basis or for longer periods and who are entitled to full pay in respect of public holidays and days of sickness (usually salaried employees) are also entitled to a holiday supplement of 1%.
    • Annual Leave for vacation will meet these minimum requirements but may be adjusted higher per the employees contract.
  • Hourly: (who have accumulated full holiday pay entitlement by working a full holiday year) 12.5 per cent of the gross annual salary (the Holiday Pay) subject to certain deductions is normally paid into a statutory holiday account ("Feriekonto"). In good time before the non-salaried employee is due to take his or her annual leave, s/he files an electronic application for Holiday Pay to the administrator via a public digital portal NemID. Applicants who do not have a NemID account can apply manually by filing a hard copy holiday form with the administrator of the scheme.