Compensation & Benefits

Ty Fujimura

At Cantilever, we strive to provide fair and generous comp which keeps team members happy to stay with us for the long haul.


Each person’s comp is a combination of a base salary, potential bonuses, and employee benefits. The bonus structure varies by role. The benefits vary by geography and full-time/part-time status.

We are dedicated to fighting pay discrimination and being transparent and open about our pay decisions.

Location-Agnostic Pay

As a remote company, it has been hard for us to decide how to treat geography when it comes to compensation. One method used by Gitlab and others is to calibrate salaries to local cost of living. We find this compelling, but fraught. Two equal team members with the same responsibilities and output could be paid differently just because of where they choose (or need) to live. Some companies offer compensation according to the labor market of HQ, but this comes with similar awkwardnesses and potential biases.

Instead we have decided to consider "Remote" to be its own labor market, and to calibrate pay to the global market for high-end remote design and development work. We want to be competitive even with companies in relatively expensive labor markets, since there is concentration of great talent in those places. This catch-all approach has encouraged a great diversity of applicants, and has helped us build an unparalleled team of amazing people from around the world.

Full and Part Time Fairness

We offer full-time and part-time agreements, both of which include comparable pay and benefits, equalized by location. If someone can only work part-time because of a disability, life circumstance, or preference, we believe they are still entitled to all the benefits we can feasibly offer them.


We have chosen to publish our salary ladder and benefit packages in full. Transparency in compensation is an important factor in fighting wage discrimination, so we hope that taking steps like this will prevent accidental bias in hiring and compensation negotiation.