Sharing Personal Information

Cantilever takes the stewardship of team members’ personal, confidential information very seriously. We respect privacy. All Team Member personal information should be included in Basecamp or Notion only in the People Ops sections. If Team Members agree to put their address into Notion that is of their own choice. All other private information will be guarded by People Ops by placing it in the correct locations.

Getting in Touch

There may be times that a team member would like to have the mailing address of a colleague at Cantilever. If this is the case:

  1. The team member is encouraged to check the Team Directory first to see if their colleague's address is provided.
  2. If the address is not listed, the team member is encouraged to ask the colleague for their mailing address.
  3. If the team member wishes to send a surprise in the mail to their colleague, they may approach HR/People Ops to ask for the address. Leadership in the HR/People Ops Department will then ask the colleague if Cantilever may share their address with a team member.


A Cantilever team member has the freedom to deny permission to share their private mailing information at any time. So, if you are asked by a co-worker for your mailing address and you don't want to share it, feel free to say "No"!

Asking a fellow team member or the HR/People Ops department does not guarantee that you will be granted the information.