Cantilever Operations Communication Guide

As we aim to enhance our communication and ensure no requests gets overlooked, here's a streamlined guide to communicating with the Operations team:

🔹 Key Communication Channels:

  1. Primary Channel: #ops-chat on Slack.
    • This is the primary location for general requests.
    • All team members are recommended to join this channel.
  2. Email: Specifically for compensation change requests.
    • Send your requests to
  3. Onboarding Form: For initiating the onboarding process for new members.
    • Access the form
      How We Hire
    • All follow-ups related to onboarding should occur within the onboarding project designated for the new team member.
  4. Cantilever Slack Direct Messages: For confidential matters.
    • Ensure to @ mention “Cantilever Ops” so your message is noticed.
    • This platform is checked twice daily.

🔹 Why This Matters:

  • To prevent the loss of Direct Messages, especially those our Operations Team Member (which are muted), and those in Cantilever Slack where the Operations team is not @ mentioned.
  • To ensure each request reaches the right person at the right time and gets addressed promptly.

🔹 Your Action Items:

  • Join the #ops-chat Slack channel.
  • Familiarize yourself with the above channels for specific requests.
  • When in doubt, always use the primary channel (#cantilever-levy-ops-chat) for any clarifications.