Onboard Someone (People Ops)


Onboarding is run by People Ops. It is triggered when a hiring manager makes a final offer letter to a candidate. The hiring manager is supposed to include in that offer letter all the information you will need to run this procedure. Once the person accepts the offer over email, then People Ops must run this procedure. This is an implied task that People Ops needs to perform whenever a candidate says “yes“ to a job opening. It is the responsibility of the hiring manager to make sure People Ops has visibility on those conversations.

If you are onboarding someone who was previously a consultant, make sure you run through this procedure to ensure they now have everything they need to be a full fledged team member. They will likely have some items already in this list.

This process applies to new Team Members and not External Consultants. There is a separate onboarding procedure for Consultants.

Who You Are

You need to be a People Ops leader to run this procedure, with full access to Basecamp and Gusto.

What you Need

You should have all of this from the offer letter/email sent by the hiring manager:

  • Person’s job title
  • Person’s job description
  • Staff type (Full-time or part-time)
  • Salary information
  • Start date
  • Persons’s personal email


Initial Setup

Create Google email and Basecamp accounts. Add in 1:1 team in Basecamp.
G Suite (ensure that the team member can get into this before you do anything else)

This will provide an @cantilever.co email address to use in the next steps.


Note: When you add someone to the G suite account with their own email address you will need to make sure that a log in is sent to their personal email.


Don’t add them to any projects or teams yet, just make the account.

Create a new Report + Manager + People Ops team in Basecamp.
  1. Go to the homepage and click "New" under Teams. Name the team “[Person’s First name] Personal File” and click Save.
  2. image
  3. Click into the new project. Invite the report and the manager to the project. Do not invite anyone else to this project, ever, for any reason. Transparency is one of our values, but this is a private space for people ops, the manager, and the team member ONLY.
  4. Update the team to use only the "tools" the manager and team member will need. For most people, this will be message board, todos, docs & files, and automatic check-ins.
Tell the person to start checking their Cantilever email & Basecamp

Make sure they know that from here on out, any communication related to their work at Cantilever will occur this way, and that their calendar will start to get invites as well. They should set up the email and calendar to connect with their computer/phone the way they like, and install the Basecamp app on their phone.

Create a welcome message in the Basecamp 1:1 from the Welcome Message template (bc11w).

This notes what services they will be getting access to and what they are for.

Create remaining service accounts

Make sure to do this after Harvest, so that their Forecast account is a


Click "People" and click "Invite People" to add. No need to add them to a specific vault yet.

Zoom account and private room ID

You can add them as a "member" unless they need to be able to make their own meetings. We are not charged more for "member" accounts.


Add if they are US based.

Gusto will prompt you to run through the hiring procedure for this person and you will follow the steps in Gusto to make sure everything is settled for payroll.

  • Each team member will need access to Xero to submit reimbursements. Add them to Users and Select as Submitter.
  • TextExpander
  • Notion
  • Optional/Role-Specific Access
    • For Facebook and Dribbble one administers the page by having one’s personal account added as an admin to the team page, so that has to happen if the team member is meant to manage those things.
    • Personal Credit Card: For someone with unusually high individual purchasing volume. If you need this, ask Finance.
    • GitLab: If they are a developer joining for a variety of projects, add them to the Cantilever Team
Set up payroll/state registration if within the US/.
  • If technically a contractor but still an internal team member:
    • Determine and Add to payment method for contractor (Gusto for US contractors and Chase Wires, Zelle, or Transferwise for International).
  • If employee:
    • Add the employee to the Gusto payroll system. If they are in a new state we will have to register in that state in order to process payroll correctly. We are currently testing out CorpNet to register for us.
    • Make sure the employee gets an email to fill in their relevant documents in Gusto.
Ask the Team Member about equipment

Team Members (Not consultants) get equipment. Ask them about their current equipment situation and if they need anything. We want to send this to them BEFORE their first day of work so they can get set up on their new equipment.

Once you've purchased the equipment make sure you add it here (



Create a todo for the Manager to add person to all relevant project accounts

The Manager needs to add the Team Member to all the following items for each project they will be part of. This is because the Manager knows that best and is likely to already have a sense of which platforms are relevant for which projects

  1. 1Password
  2. Basecamp
  3. Harvest
  4. Figma if applicable
  5. GitLab if applicable
  6. Google Drive
  7. Other project-specific platforms as needed
Create a todo for the Manager to Schedule 1:1s

The Manager should do this since they know their schedule best. Remind them that these should be 15 minutes, once a week.

Create a todo for the Manager to issue initial feedback.

This gets the ball rolling and will help them get the new hire used to this process.

Create a task to ask the Manager who the new hire should meet in their lunches the first week.

Make sure to ask their manager who they should meet the first week. Sometimes this should just be a few people- other times it could be the whole team. There are designated people they need to meet with (People Ops, Their manager, CEO in the first day/week outlined below) but this is for anyone who is not already included in that list.

Create a new Feedback Tracker

This should be a recurring question to ask both the team member and the Manager to provide feedback on the other once a week. Please title it “If you did not provide feedback to the other person last week, please do so now”

Create a todo for the Team Member to update their Basecamp profile

If their role has changed, or they were previously an external contractor, make sure their Basecamp profile says the right information, so that internal staff and clients are not confused.

Create a todo for the Team Member to fill out their profile in the team directory

They should do this within a week of starting.

Create a todo for the team member to review the “Day One Guide” handbook entry and the relevant department they are joining.
Day One Guide (Team Members)

Give the person a todo in their 1:1 project for "Read through Welcome to Cantilever handbook entries". Make this due on their first day. On their second day if it is not checked off, check in with them.

Also add whatever department they are part of to this task as well so they review all department related items in the Handbook.

Create a todo for the Team Member to identify any recurring reimbursements they may have. CC the manager on this task.

We reimburse for co-working spaces, internet, and snacks. Make sure the new hire knows about these items and you collect any information from them on what services need to be set up.

Create a task for the person to update their google calendar work times.

This is important for them to do especially so that others only schedule meetings during times when they are truly available. With more people joining from different time zones this is important!

Final Steps

Set up lunches.

To get integrated with our culture, each team member should have casual lunches in their first few weeks with all the people they will interact with regularly at the company (at a minimum). Use the list the manager provided to add lunches with team members. Use everyone’s calendars to find mutual availability and set up the lunch dates in the calendar for the team member and those people.

Set up kickoff meetings for their first week.

Depending on the person, we will want to set up the Week 1 meetings:

  1. Day 1: People Ops Onboarding Call with Nikki (1 hour)
    1. This should run through all the platforms they've received access to, address any questions they may have about these, any questions about processes for any of the platforms/payroll/reimbursements etc.
  2. Week 1: Cantilever History and Culture with Ty (1 hour)
    1. Each person should get a chance to meet with Ty even if he isn’t managing them. He will go through company history and our culture (missions/vision/values) with each new hire. Our Chief of Staff Hiba should also be included in these calls.
  3. Day 1: Manager Kick off call (1-2 hours)
    1. This should be set up with their manager on their first day. It allows the manager and the team member to get to know each other but also for them to get briefed on tasks and projects they will be involved in
  4. Weeks 1 and 2: Training/shadowing with their Manager or with someone else on the team that does what they do.
    1. We want to help integrate the team member with our processes and see how we work. It's helpful that they meet more of the team and train with someone who does what they do the first week.
    2. This may be a series of calls- check in with the manager to see how many of these to set up for the first week.

Add the team member to the Weekly Call calendar invite.

If they are in a time zone where the weekly call is not convenient, add them to the monthly special alternative call invite (Monday morning EST once a month) as well.

Add them to the Vacation & Holiday Calendar & other relevant calendars.

Add a recurring event once per year for:

  • Team member’s Cantileversary (start date)
  • Team member’s birthday (make sure not to reveal their age)
Ping the Cantilever website project organizer to add the new person to the website.

Nikki is currently this person. Please provide the team member’s bio, title and headshot to her or the relevant person an a ping and ask her to have the website updated with that information.

Contact the Social Media Team to schedule a post about the new hire.

Ask the new hire if they are comfortable appearing in our social media. Then contact the social media team (Kielo) to get a social media post created for the new team member. Provide these details to speed up the process:

1. Full Name

2. Title

3. Any social handles the new member would like to share.

Send them a Cantilever T-shirt

Ask the person for their T-Shirt size and order it using the Order a Cantilever T-Shirt procedure to order the new hire a t-shirt.

  • If the new team member is uncomfortable providing their contact information in the Team Directory provide the Name, Address, and Phone Number of the new team member to the Snackspert (the snack person—currently
    Rebecca Testrake
Add the new hire to Basecamp HQ and send a message to the Team.

When we hire someone new we always want to make sure that as soon as they are ready to be in Basecamp we add them to Basecamp HQ and send a message to the team. This is the way that our team knows someone new has been added to the team. It can be a simple introduction but generally we ask that the team welcome the new team member.

Create an Onboarding Task for
Rebecca Testrake
to integrate the team member to snacks.

Rebecca Testrake to Run this portion of the Onboarding:

  • Ensure that the new hire is familiar with the reimbursement policy for
  • Assign the Google Drive questionnaire Boarding the Snack Train (https://forms.gle/Qo3kaBQK4qKPvo9K9) to the new team member so that the Snackspert is able to make informed choices on special occasions when snacks are provided by Cantilever and mailed to team members.
  • Make sure they are added to Basecamp HQ and then give
    Rebecca Testrake
    a task to add the new team member to the automated snack reminder that goes out to all of the team.
Follow up with their manager.

Let the Manager know that onboarding is completed. This will help keep them informed on where the process is at for their new hire.

Unsubscribe from the 1:1 notifications.

Make sure that once all onboarding items are completed by the manager and team member that you unfollow the basecamp 1:1 that they have. This way you will keep their communication with their manager private and you won't be pinged for everything happening in that team.