How much do you feel people learn on their jobs?

Everyone here should be learning every day. Juniors learn at a faster pace and have fewer immediate expectations. My general theory on this is that you have a set of "Stuff you know how to do" that you bring to any work you do. The job of the company is to help augment that by using written procedures and practices that allow you to easily perform tasks you don’t even really know how to do intrinsicly. Over time you are able to do those things without the procedure. Senior team members are usually equipped with lots of prior experience that they leverage to save time.

Juniors are expected to do their best and to grow fast. Seniors are expected to continue growing, always, but they are expected to deliver the goods right away as well.

One thing we are quite good at is facilitating growth. This takes place mostly in the context of your manager relationship. If you identify to your manager that you want to learn a particular thing or grow into a particular aspect of your job, they should help you do so. For example, JT used to not be a developer! I mentored and coached him in development over the course of a year or so, and now he is a fantastic dev (despite the dubious quality of my coaching).

I personally focus on growth all the time. I feel like a different person quarter by quarter. I have a personal coach who helps me push towards the changes I want to make in myself. I want everyone here to feel that they are unbounded in their growth.