Cantilever Culture

As part of digital hospitality, Cantilever strives to be a welcoming, safe, and fun place for team members to work.

To this end, here are some of the aspects that Cantilever has made part of its regular practice:

  • Weekly group calls
  • Dubbed our “Weekly Group Hug,” this is a 30 minute call on Mondays where the group can chat about anything they would like. This usually includes swapping stories about the weekend, chatting about some of our favorite conversation topics, or playing quick group games. Time is paid. Attendance or participation in these calls is not required.

  • Snacks!
  • These are provided on a quarterly basis based off of individual team members’ preferences. For more information about this, refer to

  • Birthdays When a team member’s birthday rolls around, watch out! Celebration will definitely include a birthday dinner from Cantilever and will likely include an off-key, out of sync group sing of “happy birthday” to the lucky birthday victim kid. For more information about this, refer to .
  • Cantileversaries Cantilever is thankful for the people who make up our team and loves to acknowledge work anniversaries.
  • End of Quarter parties These are generally held at the end of the year and include chatting, games, and snacks.
  • SWAG This may include team shirts, surprise flock of micro sheep (made of resin, not actual live animals), jerseys, etc.
  • Other fun events Virtual game night? D&D one-shots? Meet ups when in town?
  • Encouragement of silliness and laughter We keep it work-place-appropriate, but we love to share things that we think are funny, create memes, respond with GIFs, etc.
  • We Celebrate One Another Achieved a new goal? Gone on a trip? Have a cute cat, dog, plant, or human child? Feel free to share photos so we can all squee together!

What’s With The Sheep?

Sherbert the Sheep (alias Sherbert LeMouton) is the official Cantilever mascot. He started as an illustration that Ty did for fun during college (Ty is a weird guy). This is the original Sherbert:


The fun part about Sherbert is that his limbs and tail are not physically connected to him. They actually just float near him. So sometimes they get stuck on random objects and he has to go find them.

Sherbert was the name on our shared inbox for a while and some clients received emails from that and thought that someone named Sherbert LeMouton actually worked here, which is true, in a sense.

Because of Sherbert, you will often see 🐑 emojis in our team communication. It has nothing to do with Digital Hospitality. It’s just Sherbert, ya dig?