Bonus Eligibility

When the company does well, you should do well. Non-equity-holding Team Members are eligible for sales commissions and referral bonuses. These are what we can currently afford and are subject to change (ideally, upward change). For all bonuses, one year of retainer fees is considered a “Project”. So if you sell a retainer, you receive a bonus on the first year of fees. These fees would be paid out quarterly as we invoice our clients.

Referral Bonus

If you bring a new client to Cantilever (you are the initial contact, not Cantilever), and we do a project, anything invoiced to the client within a year of the first scope we get with them will be paid 2.5% bonus to the referee. You would also receive the 1.25% of the second year of fees. No min/no max.

Bonuses are paid each payroll based on payments which have come through from the client since the last payroll. Most clients are invoiced quarterly so expecting a quarterly payout is likely. You can earn both the referral and sales bonuses together.

Quarterly Bonuses

Many businesses provide bonuses based on how well they are doing, but don't necessarily have a formal structure. Based on our core value of radical transparency, we share profitability information with the whole team and structure bonuses based on net income.

Every quarter we will close our books. Based on the Operating Income of the company across both US and EU, we will make a bonus payment to the team of at least 10% of any profits Cantilever made during the quarter.

  1. We will establish a “bonus pool” equal to 10% of the operating income of the company for the quarter.
  2. Each person’s bonus starts at $250 out of the bonus pool. If this exhausts the bonus pool we will cover the rest with other profits.
  3. If there is money remaining in the pool after the initial $250 per person, it will be distributed based on each team member’s relative proportion of the wage bill for the quarter.

For example, if you made $20k in the quarter, and the total wage bill was $200k, you would earn 10% of the excess in the bonus pool.

This is a new strategy for Q1 2022, and we reserve the right to adjust the bonus percentage at any time. Payments should be similar or better than under our old policy:

LEGACY: 2020-2021 Quarterly Bonus Policy

Tier Changes

  • We set the tiers up in Q1 of 2020
  • We adjusted the tiers in Q1 of 2021 to reflect our increased payroll (we were paying out much more of the profit than before, as a percentage)