(Pending/Draft) Benefits 2021

These are currently a work in progress. Once posted to HQ in Basecamp these will live up in the top view again.

We recently have implemented more simplicity within our benefits for our team members. The Cantilever benefits are dependant on a few things: Your Employee Designation (Full or Part time) and your location (Cantilever US and Cantilever Europe). There are several distinctions between both of those types of team members which you can learn more about in the respective benefits documents below.

The major differences between Cantilever US and Cantilever Europe is primarily due to stricter requirements from European countries and cultural expectation. European compensation is matched to the greater benefits they receive to allow our team members, in any corner of the world, to receive similar benefits. Our US benefits follow the most stringent state that we work in (Hello California!) and are applied to all team members to create an inclusive workplace.

Want to learn more about our benefits? Check them out below:

Benefits (Team Member)
Benefits (Team Member Europe)
Benefits (Consultant)