Outbound Lead Workflow

We like to reach out proactively to potential clients for whom we are certain we can deliver great value. When we find out about a firm for whom we are confident we can deliver value, we make them an outbound lead.

We have a few common sources of outbound leads:

  • Lead Forensics, a tool we have installed on our website which allows us to see the firms that are accessing our site
  • Networking events, LinkedIn, etc – perhaps a firm who writes a cool post aligned with our values, who needs a new site.
  • Firms related to clients of ours, such as similar companies not in direct competition, who we may find out about during the course of our work for a client
If you are doing outbound prospecting, please feel free to ask Ty for access to his LinkedIn account to access Sales Navigator and check mutual connections with potential prospects.

Once the Business Development team has identified an outbound lead, we have a process for reaching out to try and make contact and set up a meeting:

Add to Databases

Figure out the best contact & get their info

Reach out

After a “yes”

If a prospect is ready to move forward to a conversation, set one up with Ty, them, and you. Nice work!