Ideal Introductions

What Kinds of Introductions are Helpful for Us?

The most directly helpful kind of introduction is a potential client or team member, but we love meeting people regardless of whether they might be a client. Some examples:

  • People who are making the world a better place, such as activists, journalists, public policy people, etc.
  • Business owners & leaders
  • Design/Tech industry folks
  • Authors, speakers, artists, people with a unique voice
  • Coaches, advisors, people who understand business well

Our Ideal Client

Cantilever is open to working with any organization that is ethical and effective.

As a part of our mission, we especially seek clients who are making the world more equitable, sustainable, healthy and delightful.

We take on a limited number of pro-bono clients we especially care about and believe in.

Our typical customer profile is $5-$100mm and 50-1,000 people, but we regularly work with smaller and larger clients as well.

We work in any industry but have a particular track record with:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Public Policy
  • Medical
  • Wellness
  • Food & Beverage
  • Activism
  • Manufacturing
  • Agency
  • Education

When Are We The Right Fit?

We aren’t the fastest or cheapest, but we are often the most effective.

Historically we have delivered amazing value when we have worked with clients who:

  • Are serious about delivering a high-quality experience to their users
    • If not, the client should hire a lower-end firm, since the final outcomes are not as important
  • Depend on their website as a mission-critical part of their organization
    • If not, the client is unlikely to derive enough value to justify our cost
  • Need a strategic and creative partner, not a firm that needs “orders” to get anything done
    • If not, the client is much better off using a less expensive but less experienced/creative firm.


Our clients tend to have an annual budget of between $25k and $500k. It may vary greatly from year to year. We don’t typically accept new clients under $25k per year because of the complexity it adds on our side to serve a smaller client. However, we are always open to a discussion.

Most new client engagements start with a Diagnostic process. Those range from $5-$20k typically.

Please see our for more sample pricing.


In order for us to pursue a client, we should make sure:

There is a way for us to deliver positive return on investment for them. For very small clients even if we do a great job it’s hard for us to deliver positive return because our fees are signfificant.
They are kind and pleasant to interact with
They have strong internal leadership around the website they want us to work on, so we can build a constructive collaboration.
They have an underlying marketing/product strategy in place, including a clear brand identity (if not… we can help do that first!)