Our Linkedin Strategy

LinkedIn is business-first. A lot of the content we post on Twitter or Instagram is not a good fit for this audience, especially visually-driven content. Use your judgment to understand what feels like a good fit. For example, LinkedIn is not the right place for a beauty shot of a nice font, but it would be a great place for an article with the designer of the font. Our "Business and Life" pillar topics work well here, but we should make sure to be clear experts on websites still of course.

LinkedIn allows you to share other author’s posts from the company page. That’s a great idea for on-brand content from other authors. Just be sure to read the full article and ensure that it does match our company values before sharing and article from another company.

Times to post

  • The best times to post on LinkedIn are days ranging from Tuesday to Thursday, during the hours of 10 AM — 12 PM (Eastern)
  • Be sure to avoid posting on LinkedIn early morning Mondays (people are busy at work), and afternoon on Fridays (people leave early)


On LinkedIn one to two hashtags can be acceptable(similar to these):