Inherent value

Inherent value transcends content medium and duration, from simple text to intricate imagery or animation, created quickly or over meticulous hours. The key is adopting a mindset that sees value as integral to every piece of content.

For a social media manager, cultivating this mindset involves immersing oneself in the realms of design, technology, and the broader cultural landscape. Even seemingly routine posts, such as "new project" announcements, should be crafted to deliver intrinsic value.

✅ Do…

  • Showcase Creativity: Present ingenious design solutions with visually striking tiles.
  • Inspire with Insights: Share coding challenges and "pro tips" for inspiration.
  • Personalize Welcomes: Add humor, GIFs, or jokes to highlight unique qualities.
  • Spotlight Achievements: Showcase a new member's achievements, work environment, or experiences.
  • Highlight Engaging Content: Showcase compelling parts of videos or quote essential blog post sections.
  • Create Enticing Tiles: Use catchy tiles to captivate the audience with a preview.
  • Engage with Interactivity: Move beyond routine announcements; engage the audience with challenges and polls.
  • Provide Valuable Insights: Supplement discussions on remote work with statistics, offering valuable insights.
  • Utilize Educational Moments: Turn behind-the-scenes glimpses into educational opportunities.
  • Share Practical Tips: Elucidate on the significance of activities, providing practical tips for the audience.

🚫 Don’t…

  • Avoid Mundane Updates: Steer clear of mundane project updates; focus on showcasing creativity.
  • Skip Standard Welcomes: Stand out by avoiding standard new team member announcements; personalize to make an impact.
  • Don't Just Share Links: Avoid simply sharing links; extract engaging content and create enticing tiles.
  • Move Beyond Routine Announcements: Avoid repetitive content; engage the audience with fresh and innovative posts.
  • Don't Just Showcase: Turn behind-the-scenes moments into educational content; avoid mere showcasing.

In essence, inherent value in content creation is about going beyond the surface, infusing each post with substance, insights, and takeaways that resonate with and enrich the audience's experience.