Design Approach

🏅 Our Design Principles

At Cantilever, we start by deeply understanding project needs, aligning user solutions with client goals. Our meticulous design approach ensures a consistently well-crafted and user-friendly experience. Iterating with early sketches and close communication during development ensures a seamless transition.

✅ Do…

  • Understand the Problem: Initiate the design process by thoroughly understanding project problems and needs.
  • User-Centric Planning: Frame solutions around user experience, aligning it with client goals during planning
  • Isolate Brand Attributes: Collaborate with the client to identify brand attributes based on visitor sentiments.
  • Detail-Oriented Approach: Think through every aspect meticulously, ensuring a consistently well-crafted user experience.
  • Iterative Design: Embrace an iterative approach, sharing early sketches to validate ideas and meet client needs.

🚫 Don’t…

  • Neglect Problem Understanding: Avoid skipping the step of thoroughly understanding project problems and needs.
  • Overlook User Experience: Don't lose sight of the user's perspective; ensure solutions align with user experience and client goals.
  • Disregard Brand Perception: Do not overlook the importance of isolating brand attributes based on visitor sentiments.
  • Ignore Detail Orientation: Don't overlook the importance of meticulous planning, ensuring a consistent and user-friendly experience.
  • Reject Iterative Approach: Avoid resisting an iterative approach; early sketch sharing is crucial for idea validation and client satisfaction.