Clutch Review


Clutch is a review site for service businesses. It has been a boon in marketing and a source of leads.

After starting a new client relationship, once we have completed the first project, we should request a review unless it went badly for some reason. Rules to keep in mind:

  • The client has to have spent at least $10k to date
  • It can’t be a client we have used before (Either the same individual, or the same client firm from a prior review).
  • We can’t be reviewed by any individual who has a direct connection to Cantilever. For this reason we have left off Handi-Lift, but D2S is probably OK (Our direct client there is not family).


Email the client to ask them if they are willing to submit a review, or speak with them in person.

For email, use the "teclutch" TextExpander snippet.

  • After approval, Log in to Clutch with the Cantilever account from the shared vault.
Click the user menu and click "References".
Click "Submit Reference".
Fill out the fields appropriately.

For project cost, list "Confidential" unless you have specifically discussed showing cost with the client already.

  • Click Submit.
Normally, after the client is interviewed, Clutch will tell us there is a new review.