Business Development

Business development is focused on finding, engaging with, and bringing in new work. This can come from brand new client relationships, or existing ones. Our focus is on finding all the work out there by which we can generate positive return for both the client and us. Therefore we never “sell” with our own profit front of mind, but rather seek to find ways to generate value, and assume that this will ultimately benefit both sides.

New Business Funnel

  1. Strangers: The whole addressable market
  2. Followers: Our broader network, social media following, etc.
  3. Engagers: Companies regularly interacting with our content, meeting our people, etc
  4. Prospects: Companies who we could generate value for, whether or not we know them yet
  5. Leads: Companies with whom we have discovered mutual interest in working together
  6. Clients ✅

Marketing is how we bring folks from Strangers to Prospects.

Sales is how we bring folks from Prospects to Clients.

The two must work holistically together to maximize results, so at Cantilever both parts fall into a single group, Biz Dev.