Team Member Benefits

We offer a comprehensive suite of benefits to our team. We have staff around the world, and we do our best to equalize compensation and benefits for every location. Since different regions allow different benefits, we have distinct benefit packages for each location, but normalize overall compensation by providing different salaries in some places.

Every team member...

  • ✅ Has a Cantilever email address
  • ✅ Is included in Basecamp HQ
  • ✅ Is always in the weekly team call
  • ✅ Has a manager

These things do not apply to consultants or vendors, except in unique circumstances.

In each region, we have both Full-Time (Salaried) and Part-Time (Hourly) team members. We no longer support full-time hourly or part-time salaried.

Benefit Packages

USA Team Member Benefits
(Draft) Europe Team Member Benefits
(Draft) Rest of World Team Member Benefits