Working at Cantilever is different than at most workplaces. We have some distinct cultural standards of behavior that we’ve learned over the years that make us effective and tight-knit.


  • Empathy. Cantilever team members genuinely care about their colleagues, clients, and the world.
  • Accountability. Own your work. Do what you say you will do. Don’t let your deadlines pass without notifying the people who might have been counting on the work.
  • Independence. We hire smart people and expect them to be smart. Be proactive and make the best choices you can. Your team is there to support you when you need!
  • Hospitality. We uplift the dignity and worth of all people. If you are in our team, we want you to feel welcome and respected.

📏 Behavior Rules

✅ Do…

  • Take Ownership. Don’t just try to do your own part, see the big picture and notice what else needs to be done to arrive at the right result.
  • Read carefully. Work hard to absorb the message.
  • Write clearly. Take the extra time to make your message clear. Use ChatGPTChatGPT!
  • Emote. We don’t have non-verbal cues to pick up on, so be upfront with how you’re feeling.
  • Be collaborative. We are all in it together. Don’t point fingers, focus on solving problems.
  • Emphasize results. What matters is our collective outcome. Not who gets credit, who “looks good”, etc.

🚫 Don’t…

  • Be an asshole. Don‘t speak to others in a way you would not want to be spoken to.
  • Ignore problems. You will never be punished for speaking up about things we need to do better.


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