QA a Website with BrowserStack


We always QA the things we create to ensure that we have caught any issues that may need to be fixed. Using BrowserStack will help you do this.

What you Need

  • QA Checklist
  • Knowledge of what operating systems to test.
  • URL of the site you are testing.


Open BrowserStack.

Open BrowserStack. Refer to 1Password for the credentials to log in.

Select an operating system.

When testing, you should first select the Operating System that you will be testing in. You will most likely test in the operating system categories of Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Select a browser.

Next, you should select the browser you want to test in.

  • When testing mobile devices, use Chrome as the default for Android, and Safari as the default for iOS.
  • image
  • When testing desktop operating systems, we often test in multiple browsers for each operating system:  Google ChromeFirefoxSafari or Edge.
  • As a general rule, we test only for the most recent browser version unless otherwise stated.
    • Exceptions:
      • Windows: We sometimes run tests on older versions of Internet Explorer for some projects
      • iOS: We may run an additional test on an iPad in addition to a phone to test the additional screen size, but this is unlikely.
Enter the URL of the website you want to test in the BrowserStack window.

Once you select the operating system and browser, the browser you have selected will load inside the same page you are using. You should be able to use the browser that loads in that space as you would normally on the device that you've selected. Please make sure you enter the URL of the website you want to test inside the BrowserStack window, and not the browser that you are opening BrowserStack with: