Parental Leave

A core part of Cantilever’s mission is to help working parents find a place in the tech industry. We offer three weeks of paid parental leave per birth or adoption. For Full Time team members this is based on your salary. For Part Time team members this is based on your average weekly pay over the past six months. You must have worked for the company for at least six months, but we can certainly make exceptions. Please provide at least 30 days notice before you take your leave.

You can take unlimited unpaid time off, of course. We guarantee your job will be waiting for you for six months after your leave begins, but most likely it will be there whenever you are ready. We encourage parents to come back to work as they are able and will make any accommodation possible to establish a schedule and hours expectations which are feasible for them.

Canada: Standard parental benefits can be paid within a 52 week-period after the week the child is born or placed for the purpose of adoption. The benefits are paid for a maximum of 35 weeks at a weekly benefit rate of 55% of your average weekly insurable earnings, up to a maximum amount.

India: No Parental leave only Maternity leave. Maternity leave only for any women who works for a company of 10 or more people for 26 weeks total. The company pays the full amount of the leave. file:///Users/nicolemunson/Downloads/IN-Parental%20Leave%20Policy-100920.pdf