Google Drive Organization [WIP]

Google Drive Organization [WIP]


We use Google Drive to house our work. Google drive is easy to share and edit between multiple people in different locations, so its great for us. We keep folders for each client and for Cantilever so that we can keep clients in the loop on what they need and keep our files just for ourselves.Google Drive

  • Google Drive provides selective/complete sync with local drive for always-up-to-date file access
  • Already used for everything else, so makes sense to make the only local-to-cloud sync service required
  • Houses *all* resources, files, fonts, style guides, brand assets, client assets, etc.
  • Generate clear organization with universally agreed folder structure and naming conventions (to be addressed below)


  • How to sync with Google Drive:
  • Connect Google Drive with Invision Sync (useful cloud-to-cloud sync)
  • Built-in version history for ‘screens’ (aka document previews, but only keeps most recent files)
  • Secondary file backup to Google Drive
  • Reason for Google Drive as main sync client is to remove forced organizational constraints and have more clear folder structure that is consistent between desktop and web app (versus Invision’s weird strategy of everything being a ‘project’, separating ‘screens’, and lumping all working files into [Project] > Assets > Source Files)
  • Generates ‘screens’ for very useful internal/client presentations, has commenting capability
  • Proper organization and naming shortcuts in Photoshop/Illustrator/Sketch generate smart screens from single source files - saves time and file size and having to work with multiple artboards in order to generate multiple/alternate file previews/mockups
  • ‘Inspect’ tool promises to intelligently extract useful developer info (color values, positioning, opacity, font names/styles/weights/sizes, etc.) without having to open original source files (

Google Drive Folder Structure

Client Team DrivesCantilever Team Drives

  • Cantilever Articles
    • Year
      • Month of article
        • This includes the copy and the graphics for each monthly article.
    • Social Media tiles
      • This contains the tiles created for each monthly article, named like this: MM-YYY Title of Article
  • Cantilever Design
    • Design Resources
    • Fonts
    • Website Case Study Templates
  • Cantilever Development
    • Demo Codebases
    • Development Tutorial videos
    • Meeting Recordings
    • Old Website
  • Cantilever Legal
    • In Progress
    • NDA's
    • Proposal and Sales Templates
  • Cantilever Marketing
    • Cantilever Meme Library
    • LinkedIn Ads
    • Social Media
      • Gifs
      • Social Media Post Templates
      • Social Media Cantilever Headers
    • YouTube
      • Final Video
      • Raw Video
      • Video Graphics
      • Video Template
  • Cantilever People Ops
  • Cantilever Sales
    • Cantilever Photography Portfolio
    • Estimates (by year)
    • Proposals (by year)
    • Video Demos
  • Cantilever Studio Management
    • Team Member headshots
  • Cantilever Website Redesign
    • Archive
    • Resources

Naming Conventions

We want our files to be easily recognizable for each person who is using our google drive folder.General Naming Convention:Date> Name of file/project