What's not going great atm?

We have approximately doubled in 18 months in revenue, head count, etc. The main source of our challenges is adapting to our new size (while continually growing even further). The areas I’m thinking about most are:

  • Accountability. How do we make sure that people commit fully to their statements and follow through? It’s bad when people take time to do a meeting, discuss some actions, but nobody ever does any of the actions. In a smaller company it was easier to keep track of these commitments, but we are now too large to have that kind of visibility. We need to cultivate self-ownership and accountability.
  • Management. We now have "middle managers". Their reports can end up being cut off from the rest of the group. We need to continue to focus on building culture and relationships throughout the company so that people always feel like it’s one company.
  • Handbook. We spent a lot of time working on our handbook and it is great, but it still has so far to go. We are not yet a handbook-first organization (where every decision is made first by writing it down). We need to work on that in order to scale further. Things will be too crazy if we do not.

Those are just a few on my mind right now. There is always a million things "wrong" even when things are going well! It’s like a house. You are never done, that’s kinda the point.