Book Travel or Lodging


Occasionally, team members will travel on Cantilever's behalf. This entry is written for people working in HR who need to gather travel preferences or make travel arrangements for team members (likely, Nikki or Rebecca). People’s general travel preferences can be found in the HR Basecamp team’s internal document.

For economically-minded arrangements, refer to:

  • Flights
    • CheapOAir (Rebecca has an account)
    • SouthWest (They will not be listed on any travel site other than their own)
    • You can also do a Google search for "Cheap flights."
    • Some suggest that searching for flights in Incognito Mode will prevent from the internet algorithms from tracking your search and raising the prices
  • Lodging

What you Need

  • Travel dates


Email team member the templates to receive their travel preferences.

When they send back their preferences, save these with the team members full name to the Flight/Travel Preferences folder in basecamp.

  • You will use TextExpander snippets (bcaf and bchp) to grab the Airline/Flight Template and the Hotel Template.
Research travel options and communicate those with the team member.

The team member will likely have an opinion on what their travel looks like, so its good to have some options available to them to choose from. Some people may not care and are happy to have whatever is booked for them. Make sure you check in with the traveling team member to know what level of involvement they would like in the booking process.

Make reservation and send to team member.

If a team member is traveling you can make reservations easily by viewing the preferences documents that were filled out. You'll want to make sure that the team member receives the travel information, so don't forget to forward to the team member who is traveling.

Add to the team member's calendar.

If you have access to the team member's calendar, add the travel information to their google calendar.

File the expense.

You want to make sure that any expenses are listed within a project if team travel is relevant to a project. You can see how to track expenses here: Tracking Expenses