Software Requirements

For everyone

For anyone touching any design work:

For anyone touching any development work:

  • Github Account (No need to pay)
  • Gitlab Account (No need to pay)
  • Software tools you want

Beyond applications, developers also need to set up their systems to work properly with our local environments.Our basic toolkit is:

  • Homebrew. Install this first, it makes installing everything else easier.
  • Node
  • NPM
  • Git. If you installed Xcode, you will have git automatically, but you may want a more recent version for some of the QOL updates they’ve added over the years.
  • PHP. Your Mac will come with PHP but upgrading is often smart if the version is old. Generally the last stable version is fine. Use this guide. Note that you may need update your bash profile like so.
  • Composer, installed globally. You should be able to type "composer install" rather than `php ./composer.phar`, for instance.
  • RVM. Don’t bother installing any particular ruby ahead of time, the specific version you want is highly project-dependent.
  • VirtualBox
  • Vagrant and Homestead

With those global tools in place, you should be able to install almost any Cantilever project according to the Dev Notes instructions, without trouble.

SSH Keys

You will need an SSH key in order to authenticate with Cantilever servers. Use this guide:

If you are migrating from an old machine, we highly suggest copying over your existing SSH key rather than setting up a new one. Use this guide:

If you generated a new key that is not on our various servers, the first step is to get it added to Forge. Speak to DevOps about that.Then, you may need to get it added to individual projects which are not on forge. Speak to the relevant PM about that.