Publicize a new Team Member


For each new team member we want to post a shout out on our social media platforms to welcome them.

What you Need

  • Social media tile
  • Photograph of the team member


  • Open the social media template.
  • Make the team member's tile in photoshop from the template.
Export the tile.
  1. Under File, select Export
  2. Under the menu opened under Export, select Quick Export as PNG
  3. image
Save the file in Team Drive.

Save the files in Team Drives > Cantilever > Projects > Social Media > New Team Member Tiles.

Rename the file.

Rename the files with the following rule:

[Team Member]-[MonthYear]_wide.png

[Team Member]-[MonthYear]_.png

Post on all social media platforms.

For Instagram and Twitter, you can use the regular tile. For LinkedIn and Facebook, you can use the wide tile.

Here is the general copy we use to welcome new people to the team:

"We are so excited to welcome [Team Member Name] to the Cantilever team. They are a [insert adjective] [insert title] and are doing some really quality work. Welcome aboard! [Link to their approved social media account for people to follow]. #remotework "