Set up a COVID test


In the US, most CVS locations are offering drive-through COVID testing. This procedure allows you to set up a test for a team member. With most insurance, the tests are fully covered.

In times of peak demand, there are very few slots available. CVS opens them up I think at midnight. Do this procedure as early in the day as possible.

Who can do this


What you need

  • Knowledge of the person’s birthday and other personal info
  • The person’s insurance card


Go to and click through to the COVID testing page

Currently they have a big banner at the top of the page.

Optional: Log in as the person

If the person provided you a login, use that so that certain information can be auto-filled.

Add the person’s location
Fill out the initial form

The form requests symptoms and asks about special circumstances that "qualify" you for testing. You have to provide some kind of affirmative answer or it won’t let you set up a test. We believe that people should get tested early and often no matter whether they suspect exposure or show symptoms. The person who asked you to perform this procedure may provide a specific reason. If not, just check "Fatigue". Everyone has that.

Pick a time and location

The person may have provided a preference. If not, review their Cantilever schedule Free/Busy or take a guess when they might like to do the test. Make sure you account for driving time.


Fill out the informational form

The next page contains a number of questions relating to the person’s healthcare and insurance. Use the insurance card to fill out these questions. Take reasonable guesses for other questions. It is not especially important to be 100% accurate.


After confirming the appointment, ensure that it is entered into the person’s calendar, or that you have emailed them to tell them the time and place. They should receive their own email confirmation from CVS with a code to show at the drive-through.