Run a Quarterly


Every Quarter managers should be having quarterly reviews with their team members. This is important because it allows team members and managers to set quarterly goals and gives them an opportune time to talk about their work on a rolling basis.

What you Need

  • The TextExpander snippet for managers (bcqrn)
  • The TextExpander snippet for team members (bcqrt)
  • The TextExpander snippet for Quarterly Reviews (bcqn)


Pre-meeting (one week or so before)

  • Review your report’s Harvest hours for the quarter. Sort by hours used and take a screenshot
  • Make a new message in Basecamp and insert the "Quarterly Report" template for managers (TextExpander: bcqrm). Fill it out.
  • Make a new message in Basecamp and insert the "Quarterly Report" template for team members (TextExpander: bcqrt). Comment and ask them to fill it out before the meeting.
  • If the team member completes their report on time, read it ahead of the meeting.

During the Meeting

  • Duplicate the "Quarterly Review Notes" template (TextExpander: bcqn) to create a new notes message.
  • Have the report discuss their review doc, then discuss your review doc. Take notes. Log action items separately.

After the meeting

  • Log any action items.
  • Update the report’s quarterly goals task in Basecamp to reflect the goals you established
  • If there are performance issues, give yourself a task to review those issues/job

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