Expense Reporting

Expense Reporting is one of those things that sounds super boring but is actually quite satisfying. Don't believe us? Well think about all those great training courses you just purchased on your personal credit card and how you can get reimbursed for those! That coffee meeting you had with the client on your personal card? Well, get ready for some cash to flow your way. This can be reimbursed as well!

All joking aside, expense reporting is essential to keeping both your and Cantilever's books prim-and-proper and up-to-date. It's an important piece of the workday so you should know what to expect:

There are two types of expense reporting that you can do: Project Expenses and General Expenses.

Project Expenses

Expenses in this category are for specific project work only. These expenses should be approved by a Project Manager before purchase. These expenses should be purchased with a Cantilever Company card. Don't have one? No worries, reach out to your project Manager to get the credentials. Sometimes PMs will make the project purchase rather than having you (a team member) make the purchase.

Examples of Project Expense Types

  • Font or Image licensing costs for fonts or images used on the project.
  • Plugin Licensing costs for use on a project for use on a project, such as Craft CMS Licensing or Wordpress plugin Licensing fees.
  • Travel-related expenses for client-mandated out-of-town meetings.

Project expenses no longer include hosting costs (like Digital Ocean), as we ask clients to set up payment for those using their own payment methods.

General Expenses

Expenses in this category are more general expenses that are part of doing your job, but not directly related to a project. Get manager approval for these expenses before you purchase. These expenses are purchased using a personal credit card and can be submitted for reimbursement if approved.

Here are some examples:

  • Software costs that are used across all projects, such as Adobe Photoshop
  • Costs for team member benefits like training (video editing class, conference costs)
  • Meals/Coffee if you work from a coffee shop

Items of significant value ($100 or greater) that are Cantilever property and loaned to a Team member for business use, such as a Monitor or Computer (For Team Members Only) MUST be purchased by Cantilever on a Cantilever card by either their Manager or authorized Cantilever Administrator and sent to the Team member. We require an Equipment Use Agreement signed by the Team Member acknowledging that the equipment is Cantilever property and that it will be returned. We require that team members fill out an Equipment Use Agreement for any of these purchases.

For additional clarification on what kinds of expenses are covered for team members and consultants please refer to the Handbook entry


For a reference on a description of each expense category and the type of expenses that should go into that category, please refer to this procedure on



We understand that occasionally there are some expenses that come up that may need to be purchased before getting manager approval, especially when traveling. For any recurring expenses that happen repeatedly, getting approval just once is perfectly acceptable.

Formal Expense Policy

It is important that we have a clear and legally binding expense policy so that expenses submitted by shareholders are above reproach. That plan is here: