Travel & Temporary Workspace

We reimburse the standard IRS amount of $0.58 USD per mile driven for any travel related to Cantilever work. If you drive to a meeting, please do the math and send to finance to ensure that they can reimburse you properly on your next pay period.

We will allow team members to work from coffee shops if they do not want to get a full co-working space for the month. We would expect that when a team member works from a coffee shop they purchase something so they are not taking advantage of the business. We do limit the total monthly amount you may spend at the coffee shop to $120 before needing permission for any more funds. This allows Cantilever to give you the opportunity to work outside the home with still being cheaper than a co-working space. This also applies while you are traveling as well.

All reimbursements should be submitted through Gusto.