Off-Board Someone (People Ops)


This is used whenever we off-board someone from the team.

Note: If you are off-boarding someone to become a consultant, make sure that they are removed from any Team Member-specific items and are only left on the things they still need to view. Their manager will know what needs to stay, so remove everything else.

What you Need

  • Confirmation of the team member's last day.


Remove the team member from all relevant services and softwares.

You may need to connect with the Manager to understand everything that the person had access to. Generally the following should cover it.

  • G Suite.
  • Basecamp
  • Harvest
  • 1password
  • Zoom account and private room ID
  • InVision (if there are any remaining projects they were added to while we still used this)
  • Team Drive
  • Notion
  • Xero
  • Optional/Role-Specific Access
    • For Facebook and Dribbble one administers the page by having one’s personal account added as an admin to the team page, so if the team member was managing those things they will need to remove themselves from the company accounts.
    • Github: If they are a developer joining for a variety of projects, remove them from Cantilever development team
    • Gitlab: If they are a developer joining for a variety of projects, remove them from Cantilever Team
    • Figma: For anyone with design access.
Remove the team member from the weekly call.

Open the weekly call in your google calendar and remove the team member from the call by selecting the X next to their name.

Remove the team member from integrated Cantilever snack service.

Reach out to the snack coordinator and have them removed from the recurring snack questions.

Remove them from the "Cantilever Vacation & Holiday Calendar".

Select the three ... on the shared calendar to select settings and sharing.


Click the X next to the team members name who is leaving.

Remove the team member from the Cantilever website.

Create a task to remove the team member and tag the CL site support team. You can do this in the Cantilever Website Support team in Basecamp.

Add to do to remove the team member from the pay system.
  • For consultants we will archive them in Gusto.
  • Team Members will need to be removed from Gusto through a different way. They will need to go through the dismissal process which you can access from the Persons information in Gusto. Fill out the relevant information in the followup screen questionnaire.
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Pay any remaining accrued time off.

We do not pay out any sick time that the employee has earned, but we do pay out any other paid time off if someone leaves. Make sure to create a task for yourself to pay this out at the next payroll.

Remove the team member from the team directory.

You can archive the person by updating their status to inactive.

If someone is going from a team member to external consultant you will want to update their status to External Consultant. They will remain active in our database by doing this.

Request Equipment be sent back in the mail to HQ.

Create a task for the departing team member to send back any equipment they received from the company. You can work with them to send a reimbursement for shipping costs or if they would like to purchase the equipment we work that out with them.

They should send all equipment back to the People Ops location.

Update the Hardware list to reflect the changes and make sure it's updated in Xero if the person chooses to purchase the equipment so that doesn't continue to reflect on the books.

Archive the Manager and Team Member 1:1 in Basecamp.

Send a Ping to the Manager to let them know you are going to archive the 1:1 project. This should be done once all off-boarding items are completed.