Giving Feedback


Managers should react quickly to extraordinary events (both positive and negative), providing immediate feedback by text or call. Adjusting feedback should always be delivered in private.

Team Members should also feel free to issue feedback to their managers regularly, but it is not mandatory to offer unprompted feedback. Managers should proactively request feedback and take it to heart.

Take a look at this article to learn how to give effective feedback.

What you Need

Feedback tracker in basecamp (to start new feedback notes use bc11ft)


Set up a feedback tracker in Basecamp between you and your team member where you can give feedback.

This is important to keep between yourself and your team member. We want feedback to be available to the manager and team member but only between those two. It's best to keep this information private so that it only reaches those it involves.

Ask if you can give feedback to your team member.

"Can I give you some feedback?"

It is OK to say "Not right now, I have to take care of something". It is also OK to ask your manager to just give you feedback instead of asking this question all the time.

Give your feedback.

Feedback is always of the form:

"When you ____, it ____. (Can you do it differently next time/Keep it up!)"

Example (Encouraging):

Manager: Hey Jeanette, can I give you some feedback?
Report: Sure, what’s up?
Manager: Amazing work on that plugin. I didn’t even know Wordpress could do that! When you go above and beyond the brief, it really pushes our technical game higher. Keep it up!

Example (Adjusting Feedback):

Manager: Hey Mo, can I give you some feedback?
Report: Sure, what’s up?
Manager: I noticed that there were a few overdue tasks that the client had to ping us a few times about. When you fall behind on tasks, it hurts our reputation with the client and makes it so that everyone is playing catch-up. Can you do it differently next time?