Create an Employee Agreement


We need to create employee agreements whenever we hire someone to do work for us. This helps us keep expectations level on both ends of the agreement and is an important legal consideration.

What you Need

Access to google drive templates and Gusto

Steps For Employee Agreement:

Log Into Gusto and Create the Document.
  1. In Gusto on the Left Nav, Select Documents.
  2. Then select the three arrows next to the Employee Offer document and select Make and Offer.
If this person is going to receive a Cantilever computer, or other important/valuable technology, make sure they also are sent the technology use agreement document.

This is the same steps to send as the employee agreement.

The Rest of the relevant forms will be sent by the Gusto team.

Steps for Consultant Agreement:

  • Log into Google Drive and find the Cantilever HR team drive.
  • Select the Templates Folder
You will need to create a copy, and fill in the following forms:
  • Consulting Agreement

  • The rest of the relevant forms (I9) will be sent by Gusto when they sign up.