Assess Skills and Pay Tier


This procedure can be used when in review of a team members skills in order to asses their current rate. We do this based on our career ladders using a star and tier model.

Who can do this

The only people who will do this are people managers.

What you need

  • Pay tiers chart and career ladders documents in
  • Understanding of the person previous assessments if any
  • Access to any technical team members evaluations
  • Understanding of the Budget given for pay raises


Let the Team Member know you are going to do an assessment of their skills in order to reevaluate their pay tier.

Often times this happens during or before a quarterly with that team member.

Location the relevant career ladder and start to evaluate where your team member stands.

This should be relatively simple to understand, and takes usually around an hour to fully review. You'll want to keep track of where on the scale they sit. Sometimes managers prefer to create a view like this to evaluate skills:


Check this against the compensation charts to get a rough evaluation of the team members skills.

Sometimes a team member fits into more than one category, so you'd review both ladders and look at both lines of compensation. For example:

Enter the information you've found into the compensation calculator to confirm and evaluate the rates.

You'll want to enter this in to get the most accurate rate for that person using our mathematical formula.

Get Approval from your Manager to increase your team members pay.

Start with your manager to ask if there is budget to increase your team members pay. They will be able to check budgets and get back to you. They may also chime in on the evaluation so its good to share that with them as well.

Contact People ops for Updated paperwork and pay in payment systems.

Once you have approval you need to get the formal pieces in place to get the team members rate formalized. This means you need to have paperwork sent and signed by People Ops to the team member. People Ops will know to update the rate once paperwork is signed.