Training, Conferences, and Education

We want to ensure that you are receiving the training and development you need to succeed at Cantilever. With so many different types of roles in the company, it's easy to get a little lost knowing what is approved and fits when looking for further training. Always get your managers approval before incurring a cost in this arena. We will provide $100 per quarter for each team member to complete some sort of professional development if they so wish to do so outside of company time. If there is something that goes beyond that amount within a given quarter check with your manager for approval.


  • Any training that is linked to a platform that we use. A few examples:
    • Hubspot Training
    • Google Analytics
    • Photoshop
  • Any training that is linked to your role in particular. For example:
    • A design workshop
    • A sales networking meet up


  • All conferences should in some way be linked to either your role in particular or be a place where we can network to drum up new clients.
  • Some conferences others have joined in the past:
    • Laracon
    • Peers Conference
    • Craft CMS meetups

What is not Covered

Cantilever will not cover training, education or conferences for anything that does not relate to Cantilever or your role. For example, attending a conference on knitting (although knitters do have websites from time to time) would not directly benefit Cantilever through you becoming a more developed knitter.


All training and conference costs must be approved by a manager and may be rejected based on our cash position or judgment of the value of the exercise.