Hiring (For People Ops)


As Cantilever grows we will need to add more and more people to the team to keep up with the workload that we have.

What you Need

This procedure!

Finished Job Description


Schedule a meeting with the Hiring manager to understand their needs.

Ask the following questions and review the Job Description:

  • What type of role is this?
  • What is our salary range (review career ladders)?
  • Whats the timeline that we want to hire this person within?
  • Who in the department will oversee this person?
  • What's the best approach to hiring for this role if the position is technical?
    • Who is in charge of reviewing applications/what process do we want to follow for this?
  • What sites do we want to list this job on, if any, outside of our website?
  • Do you (Hiring manager) know anyone who may be a good fit?
  • Are there any specific questions we want to ask in the Hubspot Form?
Make sure there is a Basecamp List (under Leadership team) and tasks for the relevant person who is in charge of the process and for those who have responsibilities along the way.

If someone other than the People ops team needs to do a task in the process, add a basecamp task for that person outlining the following:

  • Budget
  • Timeline
  • Access to all tools they may need
    • Job Board credentials
    • Credit Card access
Write and schedule position to be added to all relevant places.

Write up a paraphrased description of the Job that will go along with the posting.

The Job/Job Announcement should always be added to these places:

  • Cantilever Site
  • Cantilever Social Channels (Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram)
  • Cantilever HQ to inform the team we are on the lookout!
Post the job to the relevant Job boards.

You will determine where the job should be posted in your meeting with the department head/hiring manager. Depending on the budget and the type of position we are looking for, we'll post to whichever job boards make sense.

We often receive chats through our site about open job positions. The person manning this should direct those people to the correct place for applications.

Begin Reviewing the External Talent Pool and other sites to reach out to qualified candidates.

People Ops are in charge of ensuring that either themselves or the Hiring Manager or the Executive team begin sorting through the candidates. People Ops should ensure there is a basecamp task for the responsible party.

When candidates for a role have applied or responded to our reach outs, begin the interview process by reviewing the candidates.

Candidates will be all in one place- in our Hubspot form that we have on the Cantilever Website. People Ops will do the initial review to remove anyone who really obviously doesn't fit the position. Then People Ops will assign the designated reviewer of applications to do initial reviews to get our Candidate pool going.

Set up initial Calls.

Initial calls generally include the People Ops department, the hiring manager. This can be for 25 minutes to get a feel for the person and ask some basic technical questions.

Set up Final Interview.

Once we have completed the initial calls, anyone who fits and the team would like to see again set up a longer time to chat with them. Anyone who will be interacting with them on a daily basis should be involved in the call and get the opportunity to meet them. If anyone objects we will move on to other candidates. Generally for technical roles this is important to see more of their work and have them present to the team to get a better feel for what a client may experience.

This call may not be necessary for administrative team members that do not have technical skills they need to review. However, if more people need to be introduced and have the opportunity to ask questions this second call can be helpful.

For Technical Roles: Send Exercise to final candidates.

We like to send exercises to final candidates for developers especially, but also sometimes to designers. These help the technical staff understand their skill level, and the hiring manager understand their ability to work remotely and follow directions.

We usually pay for the time people take to do these. Around $50 an hour.

Select Final Candidate and run Hiring procedure for Managers.

The head of the department will make the final call on a candidate once everyone from the relevant team has had a chance to give their two cents. We can run this procedure to get all the details nailed down.