Sell Something on eBay
Set up a COVID test
Create a Content Model
Configure a new Google Analytics Account
Grant access to Cloudflare for the team
Test that the Hubspot Tracking Code is Working
Write Documentation
Perform a Live Usability Test
Perform a Live Accessibility Test
Perform an Accessibility Audit
Create a QA Checklist
Create a proxy (passthrough) server in Nginx
Clean up code
Test Google Analytics
How to set up GTM and GA in the Cantilever Style
Test a GTM Update
How to set up a new project in the Philosophy style
Start Frontend Development on a new template in Philosophy
How to make a new Philosophy Model
Develop the Backend for a new Content Layer in Philosophy
Create a Controller in Philosophy
How to set up the Initial Database for a Philosophy Site
For Clients: How to create your Digital Ocean account
Accounting: How to Classify Expenses
Merging WPEngine Sites into a Single Multisite
Publicize a new Team Member
Sharing Accounts that Have 2-Factor Authentication Enabled
Share a Digital Ocean Account
Creating a Google Console Account and Google Maps API Key
[The Stacks Reader] How to add a new group to the Authors/Categories page
[The Stacks Reader] How to add an author/category to the Authors/Categories page
[The Stacks Reader] How to add custom metadata to a post
Update eBeam Homepage Videos
Setting up GitLab CI/CD
Sending Automated Google Analytics Reports
Obsolete: Creating a Proposal with our Template
Updating Promos in Fizzics
How To Change The HubSpot Chat Widget Icon Color
Contacting a Retainer Client for a Clutch Review
How to Redirect a Local Environments wp-content/uploads to production
Publicize a New Article
Creating a QA Todo
Onboard a Consultant
Adding a Team Member to the Cantilever Website
Turn over a Retainer in Harvest
Accessing accounts with 2 Factor Authentication
Turn over a Retainer in Basecamp
Create Work Schedule based off Project Estimate
Run a Quarterly
Onboard a New Retainer Client
Onboard Someone (For Managers)
Offboard someone (for Managers)
Set up a Project in Basecamp
Giving Feedback
Order a Cantilever T-shirt
Following up with a Freelance Inquiry
Running a 1:1
Submit a Client to Clutch
Taking Time Off
Create new Business cards from a Pre-Existing Template
Setup Client Support Accounts
Entering your Team Member Directory Info
Publicize a Project
Schedule a Meeting in Zoom
Run a Meeting
Create a Harvest Project
Create a Snippet in TextExpander
Share Files With Clients from Within Team Drives
Take Notes
Set up a Project in Forecast & Schedule Work
Adding Features to eBeam
Add New News and Events to eBeam
Add New Education Items to eBeam
Migrate an existing server to a new Digital Ocean/Forge account
Add Industry News to eBeam
Get started with 1password (For Clients/Contractors)
QA a Website with BrowserStack
Deploy a Site in Forge
Ensure that a site’s resources come from HTTPS
Homestead Installation on a Project
Redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS
Start a new Laravel Project
Perform the base setup for a view
Set up a New Repository
Set up Cloudflare
Setting up a Server in Forge
Set up a New Site in Forge
Create Sample Pages for Content Layers
Develop the Frontend for a Content Layer
Turn over a Retainer in Forecast
Update Harvest for a New Year
Find and Purchase Client Holiday Gifts
Edit Handbook Document
Setting up LinkedIn Text Ads
Make a Title Card for Youtube
Setting up the iMovie Library
Publish a Youtube Video
Edit a Youtube Video
Publicize Cantileversaries
Making Social Media Posts (on Buffer)
Schedule Cantileversaries and Birthdays for the Year
Off-Board Someone (People Ops)
Create new Snack List
Add Team Member to Weekly Call
Book Travel or Lodging
Order Snacks
Celebrate a Team Member’s Birthday
Celebrate a Cantileversary
Hire Someone (For Hiring Managers)
Onboard Someone (People Ops)
Write a Proposal
Estimate a New Project
Creating Copy for A LinkedIn Ad
Write an Estimate
How to Write a Master Service Agreement (MSA)
Write a Scope of Work (SOW)
Track Expenses/Reimbursements for Projects
Create a GIF for Dribbble
Installing Custom Fonts
Exporting Business Cards
Purchasing Business Cards for Cantilever Team Members
Making a Shot on Dribbble
Buy a Webfont
Create a case study on the Cantilever site
On boarding New Retainers
How to Process Payroll
BPC: How to Create a Headshot
Create a Notion Page for a New Project
Start a Project
Create an Employee Agreement
Invoicing Clients
Project to Support Agreement Handoff (Support Manager)
Project to Support Agreement Handoff (Project Manager)
Force Download of Certain File Types Using NginX
Add a new Member to eBeam
Accounting: How to Classify Payroll
Set Up Logging using PaperTrail
Track Expenses/Reimbursements for Consultants
Track Expenses/Reimbursements for General Expense
End (close) a Project
Set up Imgix
Managing Sales Leads
Edit your hosts file
Perform a Major NodeJS Upgrade to a Client Server
IEH: Update Downloads
IEH: Add a Rep
Re-Categorize Gusto Payroll
How to Classify Payroll with Gusto
Fixing CORS issue on Forge
How to Record a Prepayment for a Contractor
Retire a server after migration
Recording Prepayments in Xero
Add an Invoice to Prepayments Account
Perform an Online User Test
Add a Project to the Database
Retrospect Meeting