Test that the Hubspot Tracking Code is Working


Hubspot is a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). We use it, and many of our clients use it. Hubspot tracks your leads and customers activity and stores it in a centralized record. Hubspot uses a tracking code which you must implement on your site in order to perform this tracking. The forms also work with Hubspot, but the tracking code is a separate code. ReadyCoach uses Hubspot. During QA, the tester needs to validate that the hubspot tracking code is present. They would do this by using a similar process to

(see the "Google Tag Manager Method").

Who can do this


What you need


What are the resources you need in order to execute the procedure, given that you are someone who can use it?

  • Access to the appropriate GTM container
  • Access to the relevant Hubspot project to validate that the tracking code is the correct one



What discrete actions constitute the procedure? Make sure to nest them as appropriate.

  • Load the GTM preview pane at https://tagmanager.google.com/ by navigating to the correct container in GTM and clicking "preview", then returning to the site.
Go to Hubspot and figure out what the tracking code should look like

Click "Settings" and then "Tracking Code":

Validate that the code is running

The code should show up like this in the GTM preview pane:


Clicking on it should show the actual code that was loaded. Make sure that code looks like the code you saw in Hubspot for this project.