Hire and Onboard a Consultant


Consultants require specific access to our projects and data. They should be onboarded with those specific pieces of information only.

Consultants should frequently have Basecamp access. You can add them just to the Basecamp projects they need, not to Cantilever HQ.

For sharing 1password information, you can either share a few entries specifically, or access to a while vault as a guest.

What you Need

  • Access to the projects and records you need to send them (related to the thing they are going to be working on)
  • Understanding of which projects and services they need access to
  • The person’s email address (will be non-Cantilever)
  • Understanding of whether they will be working as an hourly consultant or a fixed-fee vendor


  • Negotiate compensation with the new consultant.
Create a Task for People Ops to generate a contract for the new consultant. You can Place this in the hiring Team.

They will need the following information in order to do this:

  • Full Name of person or consulting business name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Rate
  • Reminder to Add them to Harvest, Basecamp, 1 Password and any other platforms they. may need access to (Figma, GitLab etc)
  • A reminder to add them to Basecamp (list what projects they need)
  • Description of Services/Length of Services
  • Reminder to send W8BEN form along with contract if they are outside the US (this is sent via email). And an W9 If they are within the US (this is sent through Gusto).
  • Tell the person you are going to onboard them. Don’t catch people by surprise! Use the `emecwelcome` TextExpander template.
Invite them to Basecamp.

Add them to "Our Team". If they are with another firm, or use a company name for their sole proprietorship, make sure to use it. Check LinkedIn if you don’t know the title and company name they like to go by.

No need to add a "Personal Note" since you just told them this was coming, by email.

Post a welcome message.

Within the main Basecamp project on which they will be working, write a brief welcome message that introduces them to the team. Tell everyone about their credentials, why they are so cool, and why we’re so excited to work with them. Make sure everyone who they will interact with at Cantilever knows who they are and what they are doing.