Paid Leave

We offer paid leave for both salaried and hourly employees.

As an international company we are never automatically “off” on any given holiday. You must take your own federal holidays and vacation time. Your paid leave hours are calibrated to account for typical state holidays.

Vacation Hours are determined by the total hours you work in a week. Our full time Salaried employees receive 155 hours per year (paid out periodically each pay period). Our part time staff receive paid time off at the same rate as our full timers but on an hourly basis rather than per pay period. If you work more than 35 hours per week then your paid leave will be calibrated to your additional hours.

We encourage all salaried employees to use their full paid leave every year. If you do not use the full time given to you in a calendar year your time will roll over, up to a maximum of 1.75 years worth of paid leave.

Paid Leave is tracked in Gusto, so be sure to submit any time off requests through the Gusto platform. Your manager will approve or decline any time off requests.

Election Pay

We encourage Cantilever team members to vote in every local and national election they can participate in. You may take up to 7 extra hours of paid time off in order to vote. If you are part-time, please log this time under “Election/Jury Duty Pay” within “Essential Non-Billable Time” in Harvest and you will get paid out via Gusto as if you had worked that time.

Jury Duty Pay

We provide up to 35 hours of additional paid time off per Jury Duty summons.

  • If you are on salary, you do not have to take PTO to cover time you miss during Jury Duty, just take the time off.
  • If you are hourly, you may log up to 35 hours per summons to the “Election/Jury Duty Pay” task in Harvest.

After the initial 35 hours, Cantilever will provide whatever pay is required of employers in your state. We may also provide additional pay or benefits at the discretion of the ops department.

Jury duty often includes a lot of downtime. While Cantilever is continuing to pay you while on Jury Duty, we expect that you will do your best to work during this downtime. For example, please bring your laptop and phone, and contribute however possible given your particular circumstances. If you would prefer to take the time totally off, you can always take PTO.