Director of Operations


The Director of Operations oversees the day-to-day running of the company. They are focused on making sure that everyone has the resources and tools they need to do their jobs well. The Director of Operations oversees Finances, Legal, Studio Management, and People Ops.

Overlap with Chief of Staff

See writeup here for clarity on the difference between the two roles:

Chief of Staff

Key Responsibilities


  • Manage employee and contractor payroll.
  • Process all reimbursements for employees and contractors.
  • Ensure compliance with IRS laws as it relates to finances.
  • Reconcile all company accounts (Bank, and Credit Card).
  • Manage all finance platforms (Xero, Gusto)
  • Create, send, and follow up on all client invoices.
  • Review all employee and contractor hours to ensure time is set to the right location and billable/non billable hours and correctly invoiced.
  • Updating Simple Cash Flow


  • Ensure insurance for the company is up to date and implemented (Workers Comp, EPLI…)
  • Work with company lawyer to ensure document templates are up to date.
  • Create and manage all legal documents for clients. Approve new client paperwork that comes from the Sales/Executive departments. Advise on legal issues surrounding any new client paperwork.
  • Create and manage all legal documents for employees and contractors.

Studio Management

  • Manage the account for all software that the company uses for clients and internal use.
  • Ensure Team Members have proper access to platforms.
  • Organize team birthdays and Cantileversaries.
  • Organize Team retreats and team conferences.
  • Create and maintainAct as primary owner of the employee handbook. Ensure processes and procedures are documented by relevant team members.
  • Review overdue tasks in basecamp across the whole company to ensure items are re-negotiated or checked off when completed.
  • Manage Hubspot to ensure contacts, companies, sales deals, and forms are all up to date.

People Ops

  • Onboarding
  • Offboarding
  • Maintain Medical insurance benefits for employees.
  • Research and implement benefits for employees (Sick, PTO, Bonsus’s).
  • Manage all employee and contractor paperwork as it relates to benefits.
  • Manage all benefit platforms