Hire Someone (For Hiring Managers)


Hiring managers and People Ops interview people and make the decision to hire.

What you Need

  • An idea of the budget for the new team member or internal consultant.
  • Knowledge of what position we are looking to fill, or project we need help with.


  • Negotiate compensation with the new hire.
Determine title and staff type.

Staff type refers to Full (35 hours or above) or Part Time (under 35 hours)

Send the new hire their offer letter.

You'll want to send the new hire an offer letter to make things official. You should CC People Ops on that email so they can see all relevant information about the new hire and contact them to begin on boarding if they accept the offer. Here is a good example of an offer letter:

Offer Letter Example.

Hey Sherbert,

We spoke to your references and they confirmed our impression of you. We would like to formally offer you the role of Best Sheep at Cantilever!

We are very excited by your outstanding talent, leadership skills, and enthusiasm for our mission. We think you will be a great fit here and feel super lucky that you are interested in joining the team.

Role Notes

Here is the job description for the role. Reviewing the list I feel comfortable that you will do great at all of these duties. If you have any concerns about performing this role just let us know what’s on your mind. We want to make sure expectations are set properly on all sides.

Our goal is to fill your plate with working that wool, but to stay busy and help the team we will ask you to fill in on user testing in other disciplines as well. You expressed that you were comfortable with this and I just wanted to confirm here.

Salary Calculation

We saw your expectations and believe they are fair to your skills and experience.

We base compensation on the current abilities of each team member. For someone coming in new, we have to be a bit speculative, since we can’t truly understand your abilities until we’ve started working together.

We judge against the Career Ladder for each role. Each ladder has four tiers, each with "steps" between 0 and 10. The tier and step equate to a salary from a pre-determined table.

Your expected salary range falls into the high steps of the ⭐️⭐️ tier for cute sheep, bordering on the ⭐️⭐️⭐️ tier. Reviewing the expectations for someone in that zone, we see that we are asking:

  • List of skills this type of person should have
  • Really Soft Wool
  • Cute Nose
  • Ability to do little sheep jumps from time to time.

I believe that you satisfy most of these criteria and therefore the placement is fair. We believe that ⭐️⭐️⭐️, step 10 is an appropriate placement for you. However we should consider the placement provisional, since we haven’t had proper time to analyze your skills at being cute, quality of wool, etc. After the first quarter of work we’ll all have a much better sense of where you stand and (ideally) we can confirm our initial judgment.

Plugging this information into our matrix, I computed a salary offer of $1,000,000.

As a full-time employee you would also be eligible for our full benefits package. Please make sure to review it carefully, as our approach to health insurance is a bit atypical and you should make sure it works for your lifestyle and health needs. We can always discuss alternatives if it does not

Communication Standards

Here are the communication guidelines and deadline management standards. Would you confirm that those feel workable and fair to you?


If you accept our offer we are ready to start as soon as possible. I can’t wait to get you integrated with the team. We understand that you will likely need some time to wind down your current role, and may wish to take some personal time before starting. That’s totally understandable, just let us know.

Thank You!

I am honored that someone like you would want to be a part of our team. I’m eager to work with you to deliver Digital Hospitality to the people who use our sites. I hope you have a great experience here and can grow as both a designer and a leader. I think we can all learn a lot from you.


Ty Fujimura

(646) 283 9069