Overview and Stipend

    Cantilever provides a snack stipend to be used at each team member's home or workplace each quarter.

    The stipends for quarterly snacks and team members'

    are independent from one another. EOQ party snacks are also provided by Cantilever, independent of each team member's quarterly snack budget.

    Snack budgets are calculated on a quarterly basis. Team members submit their receipts for reimbursement once their snack orders/purchases have been made.


    Here's how we previously handled snacks:

    This new means of snack procurement (detailed below) went into effect at the beginning 2021 Q2 (April 1, 2021).

    Stipend Qualification

    Whether you are Full Time or Part Time, if you work over 20 hours per week, you get a full box.

    If you work under 20 hours per week, you get a half box.

    Stipend Calculation

    Average Weekly Hours WorkedQuarterly Snack StipendStipend by Monthly Average
    Less than 20 hours/week
    $60 USD
    $20 USD
    20 hours or more/week
    $120 USD
    $40 USD

    For new hires, the stipend is determined by the average amount of hours they were hired to work.

    A team member's budget is reassessed and potentially adjusted quarterly with their manager to reflect the average number of hours worked the previous quarter. Managers report these budgets to the Finance Department.

    A record of team members' allotted snack budgets is kept in the locked document


    • Team members are responsible for keeping track of their own snack budgets.
    • Finance reviews the reimbursement requests to ensure that team members are maintaining their budgets.
    • Reimbursements submitted that exceed the allotted budget will be reimbursed up to the maximum amount budgeted to that particular team member.

    Snack Procurement

    In light of climate change, each person can determine for themself how they want to reduce emissions in a way that is responsibly pertinent to the area and context in which they live.

    Examples of How/Where a team member might get their snacks:

    • Delivered through a local CSA box (or Imperfect Produce)
    • From your local grocery store
    • Farmers market (if/once they open back up again in light of Covid-19)
    • Costco
    • Etc.

    Ordering through Amazon (or any other delivery service)

    If you decide to order through Amazon, we encourage you to:

    1. Order through Amazon Smile ( and pick which nonprofit you want your purchases to benefitβ€”at no extra cost to you! (You can support our friends at Global Fund for Children, or your organization of choice!)
    2. Reduce the number of deliveries by placing a single large order (to cover the entire quarter) rather than ordering on a monthly basis.

    Stipend Limits

    1. The snack budget is to apply for food only, unless otherwise approved by management.
    2. Team members have the flexibility to decide how and when to order snacks within a quarter. They may place one single purchase or they may make several purchases. Although, if a team member is using Amazon or a similar service to obtain snacks, they are encouraged to make one large order rather than many smaller orders.
    3. The snack budget does not roll over or accumulate from quarter to quarter unless otherwise approved by management. This means that any allotted amount left unspent at the end of the quarter will be considered moot at the beginning of the next quarter unless otherwise approved by management.


    • Team members are responsible for submitting their own receipts for reimbursement. Reimbursement will not be provided until the submission is made.
    • Submit receipts for reimbursement as personal expenses:
      • Most team members should refer to
      • Team members in Denmark, refer to
    • When purchasing snacks, a team member does not need to pay for their Cantilever snack items separately from the rest of their purchases. They may submit a receipt that is marked to indicate which items on the receipt are snacks and which are not.
    • Note: Team members should not track their time when submitting for snack reimbursements. Snacks are offered as an added, optional benefit and are not required in order to complete one's work. In short: doing the effort to receive free money from the company (for a perk voluntarily offered and accepted) is not work.

    Reimbursement Reminders

    On the first Monday each month at 4:30 pm that person's local time, a monthly reminder will ask each team member: "Did you submit your snack receipt for reimbursement?"

    • This is meant to be a helpful reminder and does not require an answer. Team members may opt-out of receiving reminders if they desire via editing the check-in options.
    • Team members are encouraged to turn off the notification for "Notify me when someone answers" to cut down on inbox clutter.

    Party Snacks

    In order to maintain a sense of fun around snacks, Cantilever has decided to host a small digital gathering/party at the end of each quarter. At this time, a small, fun snack surprise for everyone will be sent out to be enjoyed at the party. Team members will have the ability to select from a limited set of options what they would like to receive.

    Party Snack Logistics

    It is each team member's responsibility to update HR and/or snack management of any address or mailing changes to ensure delivery of snacks.

    New team members should fill out the Google Drive questionnaire Boarding the Snack Train ( as described in: